Traditional Afghan Food Rich in Spices

Traditional Afghan Food Rich in Spices

This country that was once hit by political turmoil turns out to have interesting and famous culinary delights. Afghan cuisine offers rich and fragrant dishes.

Maybe this country’s culinary has similarities with its neighboring countries, such as Pakistan and Iran. However, food originating from Afghanistan is generally untouched by outside influences.

Kabul Pulao

According to Kabuli Pulao is known as Quabili Pulao. The name confiscated comes from the word ‘qabil’ which means “able” or “capable”. That word helps the locals believe that only a skilled chef can make this Afghan pilaf.

Usually Afghans can tell whether a woman is ready for marriage or not by how well she prepares kabuli pulao which is Afghanistan’s national dish. This meal was historically made for Kabul’s upper-class families.

This typical Afghan food is quite complicated to make. The ingredients used are rice and meat. Usually the ingredients used are steamed long grain rice and garnished with almonds, caramelized carrots and raisins. The spices used are cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, cloves, and turmeric.


Mantu or meat dumplings are one of the most famous Afghan specialties that you should not miss. Usually this food will be given during big events or gatherings. However, now you can get these snacks so easily. Such as hot dogs sold on the side of the road in big cities.

For the food category itself, it can be included in the main meal and can also be used as a side dish. For residents of Indonesia, it could be included in the category of snacks. Moreover, to get it so easy, many found on the roadside. This typical Afghan dish is made from minced meat or ground beef.

Then it will be added with various special spices. This meat will then be put into dumplings and steamed until cooked. Gluten-free, you could say that in addition to typical foods that are already well-known and must be tried, they also include healthy foods. For serving, you can use yogurt and tomato sauce.

Callow (Rice With Meatballs)

Callow is a traditional Afghan food that is loved by almost everyone. This is a rice based dish with meatballs. A spoonful of fragrant rice combined with tender and tender meatballs is simply amazing.

This delectable dish is prepared by combining boiled rice with some special Afghan spices. Then they are steamed or baked. Meatballs are made from beef or lamb. Lastly, it is topped with eggs, onions and garlic to make it more savory.

You can enjoy this delicious afghan food in many ways according to your choice. Some people enjoy eating it with vegetables, others prefer to eat it with more meat. If you want an added kick of savory flavor, try it with tomato or onion sauce.

Afghan Coriander Chutney

This Afghan culinary idea is sure to whet your appetite as the ingredients list calls for all the pungent fresh herbs like cilantro and parsley along with a few other strong spices. However, don’t mistake coriander for parsley, as one small mistake can be enough to ruin this dish.

Afghan coriander chutney is also versatile; You can pair it with almost every Afghan dish like traditional Bolani, dumplings or snacks. His kindness will help take the taste of the main course to another level.

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